Daily Archives: 07/09/2009

Sparkles on film

I’ve never really been a fan of those ’10 best’ list things that people seem to love to compile, so when confronted recently with the task of coming up with my 10 best films I just shivered with dread…
Then I started playing with the idea of movies with a connection (some rather tenuous, to say the least) with my favourite subject – and, to my amazement, it was actually quite fun. So here’s my top 10 (don’t all groan at once)
1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
2. Girl With a Pearl Earring
3. The Emerald Forest
4. Diamonds Are Forever
5. Romancing the Stone
6. The Rock
7. Goldfinger
8. Ruby Gentry
9. Jewel of the Nile
10. Silverado