Daily Archives: 01/09/2009

Summer is so over

Yesterday, for me, was the traditional end of the summer – August bank holiday Monday has always, in my eyes, signalled the onset of cooler weather and lots of dead leaves to jump up and down in (my dog, Buddy Love, adores autumn for that very reason).
It’s always been a date to dread: as a child, August bank holiday Monday means going back to school after six weeks of blissful summer freedom; while as an adult working for a living, it means no more long bank holiday weekends until Christmas. Yes, Christmas (I know, perish the thought, but it will be here before we know it).
But now I positively look forward to the change of season. It’s time to put away all those pale, sunnyjewels – the aquamarines and turquoises, citrines, rose quartzes – that so embody the spirit of summer, and time to dig up the rich, autumn gems. I’m thinking labradorites, garnets, smoky quartzes and black onyx, even the odd ruby, emerald or sapphire (for those lucky enough to have them). Suddenly, the gradual creeping along of winter doesn’t seem so bad. Fingers crossed we don’t get an Indian summer then…