Hello and welcome

Hello fellow sparkly things addicts
Welcome to Confessions of a Rok Chik. Pardon the ridiculous spelling – I would much prefer to stick to conventions where spelling is concerned, sorry that’s a bit old-fashioned of me, isn’t it? Well the story goes like this. When setting up my jewellery website a couple of years ago, I was too late to register a more conventional rock chicks name. The nearest I could get was rok chix – which actually turned out quite well, because a search on ‘rock chicks’ can throw up more than a few thousand, shall we say, rather dubious, adult-themed websites. Ahem.
So rok chix it was then, and the business was born.
Do have a look (rokchix.com), there are lots of extremely sparkly things to see (and, er, buy…). And more to come in the near future, as the website is currently being redesigned with lots of new, gorgeous sparkly things being added in time for Christmas (groan, yes, I know…).
More of that to come soon.
For now, thanks for reading and check in again for more blatherings
Christine Rok Chik